Monday, November 2, 2015

The Grapes of wrath (4)

Name of the book:The Grapes of Wrath
Names of group members: Brittany Geilear, Loren Williams, Kaylee Collins
Number of pages: 581
Chapters reviewed in this blog post: 22-30
Genre: Fiction
Author: John Steinbeck
Publisher & date published: April 14, 1939

Ask a neighbor
(this is an advice column where you can ask questions to your “Neighbor” and they will try to help  by responding to your questions)

Anonymous- I am someone whose luck has been lost and whose hard work has been ripped away by the depths of evil, all I want is for my family to survive. Please, where can I find a job so I can feed my family again?

Neighbor- Don’t give up hope, at this time of desperate help you need to stay faithful, and keep your right mind. I understand that it has been difficult for all of us, but we need not worry, for there are people here for you. There has been talk/rumors of great work and decent paying jobs in California, I urge you to travel with your family in hopes of getting a job there.

Anonymous- How can I keep faith in these trying times? For I have been questioning God in ways that I would never understand, the confusion of faith has taken me on a twisty road that has left my family and I hungry for months.

Neighbor- It is important to continue going to church and keep praying. God has a plan for all of us. Just trust in him and soon the storm will pass. God is testing you because he knows you are strong enough to handle it. God will provide you and your family the resources you need. We need to learn to open our eyes and look for God given opportunities.

Anonymous- With all this rain my family has been thinking too much about where our next meal will come from, and if we will have somewhere to sleep tonight. They sit with their growling stomachs and watch the rain fall. How can I take their minds off of this hardship we are facing?

Neighbor- This turn of events has surprised us all. It is important to be a role model for your family, stay faithful, and keep hope. Just imagine us months ago where people were dreaming of one drop of water. Be grateful for the things you have. Try taking their minds off of the situation by playing games such dancing in the rain, telling stories, and making them laugh. This will help make your family feel the happiness they once remembered.


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