Friday, October 30, 2015

The Grapes of Wrath (3)

Name of book: The Grapes of Wrath
Names of group members: Brittany Geilear, Loren Williams, Kaylee Collins
Number of pages: 581
Chapters reviewed in this blog post: 14-21
Genre: Fiction
Author: John Steinbeck
Publisher & date published: April 14, 1939

Individual Reflections:

Brittany:  I think these chapters have illustrated the work and exchange theme. Because of the changes in the economy it has affected the way people in the 1920s-30s think. The people in Oklahoma with no jobs and had families to feed, were desperate. They would do anything to find a job that paid one dime just so they can buy food for their family and them. The migration and movement in this book is very significant. It shows that people would go through painful journeys, tired muscles, and their bodies shutting down just to have a chance at hope, at the future. The journey to California impacted the people of Oklahoma in ways we can only imagine. This, this impact has made us think outside of society, outside of our comfort zones, so we can understand the importance of knowing our history and reflect on it. 

Kaylee:  I think the main theme of this entire book (especially chapter 14-21) is movement. Movement in this time period was a big deal. Due to lack of jobs, crops (income), water, and food. People had no choice but to migrate and due to promise of work and hopeful stories, many people chose to move California. I think this book definitely connects to the class. For example it makes the dust bowl and Great Depression seem more like the real event it was. I will never be able to experience this but this books helps me know what it would be like to live through these unfortunate events.

Loren: With the depression baring down, people recognized that they have to be more strict with their morals, the poor and the rich. This chapter really goes into depth with how the Great Depression was handled. It's shows the devastation that occurred and how people showed their true selfs. Also I liked that they told about how when the workers tried to fight for minimum wage that they were arrested for protesting. This really goes back to the shaping of America and the cruelty that we went through to get to today.

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